In the urban plan of West 8 (New Brooklyn, Almere), 1,400 new homes will be created.

On behalf of Alliantie Ontwikkeling B.V., we have already designed various special buildings, apartment complexes, and row houses. Our very first social housing units in Block A4 have now emerged from the scaffolding. M3H Architects and INBO are responsible for the adjacent homes.

A modest yet powerful architecture has been chosen. The design language is contemporary, yet it possesses a touch of classic and rugged elements. The distinctive window and roof edge details that characterize Brooklyn's architecture have been abstracted.

We are happily collaborating with Nijhuis Bouw B.V. to create a beautiful residential neighborhood!

Social housing is of great importance to us. Everyone deserves a good and comfortable home. As a firm, we will always wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to this cause.

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